28VIZ Studio

28VIZ Studio

High-end architectural visualization studio based in Costa Rica.

3D Rendering for


Down to the smallest details, we deliver tailor-made designs for your space.

3D Rendering for


All sizes of projects, from luxury villas to big complex real estate developments.

3D Rendering for


Retail stores, restaurants, and all kinds of spaces through visualizations that provoke an emotional connection.

Still images, videos and 360 virtual tours

We got you covered!

We produce rendering products led by an art director using the latest technology to give you enhanced images, stunning animations, and immersive 360 virtual tours to deliver an engaging experience for your clients and users.

3D Rendering Design Studio based in

Costa Rica

Conveniently located, we remotely serve local and foreign clients. Contact us and let's turn your blueprints into a visual experience.